Kingdoms of Man

Kingdoms of Man

The First Age of Man

The Kingdoms of Man were founded during the First Age of Man, over six thousand years ago. Scattered across the mainland, these kingdoms originally started as racially oriented kingdoms. As they came into contact with one another, the races mingled or went to war.

For two thousand years, Man built his empires and expanded until the first of the Dragon Incursions, led by the red dragon Chajral the Devourer, came out of the Worldspire Mountains to destroy the dwarven city of Darkforge. Following this incursion, more incursions followed. A seemingly endless horde of dragons and their armies poured from the mountains.

For the next thousand years, Man was on the defensive as dragon armies ravaged kingdom after kingdom. Thus ended the First Age of Man.

The Second Age of Man

After a thousand years of conflict, Man had been pushed back to a few strongholds.

There were three major strongholds of Man, though numerous smaller ones survived as well. The major strongholds were:

The center of the mainland was abandoned to the dragon hordes. The Eladrin Empire of Aerithcal vanished under the armies of the gold dragon, Kaemorth the Vengeful.

The Third Age of Man

The start of Third Age of Man was marked by the passing of the leaders of the races of Man. Depending on who is asked, this is either when Hrilgar Talimos died or when Bar-dryn Hammerfall died.

Regardless of the actual date of the start of the Third Age of Man, several millenia have passed since then. The Kingdoms of Man have grown and the dragon hordes have once again been sighted by seers and oracles. Elves, once locked in their goddess-guarded woods, have been seen on the borders of Talimos and the Eladrin have cautiously stepped back into the world. It is a time of uncertainty and adventure.

Kingdoms of Man

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