Empire of Talimos

The Empire of Talimos is named for Hrilgar Talimos. He was crowned it’s first Emperor and the empire has carried his name since then.


Starting from the original town of Artina, Hrilgar expanded his empire in an attempt to provide protection to the people of the area against the dragon hordes. Protection was originally a voluntary proposal, if the local leader wishes Hrilgar’s protection, they joined the Empire. If not, they stood alone. However, as the empire grew these separate fiefdoms were more or less assimilated as they found themselves surrounded by the Empire with no one to trade with except the Empire. Over the three millenia after Hrilgar’s death, the Empire has slowly expanded until it reached it’s present bulk, spanning the southern quarter of the mainland.

Of the three remaining Kingdoms of Man, the Empire is the most accessible. The majority of dwarves have locked themselves into the Eastern Spine Mountains, while many of the elves threw themselves upon the the mercy of the goddess Melora in the Thornfire Woods.

Present Day

The Empire of Talimos spans the southern quarter of the continent, from the Cerulean Sea in the west to the Amethyst Shore in the east and from the Maelstrom at the southern tip of the continent to the Northern Shield mountains that separate the Empire from the central highlands and the Worldspire Mountains.

Empire of Talimos

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