The Age of Reptiles Reborn

DragonRise is set in a world where reptiles are ascendant. The world is mostly sub-tropical with a single large landmass that covers a third of the planet. There are numerous islands scattered around the oceans, some of which are quite large, but most of which are little more than a sand bar or reef.

Dragons, drakes, and reptiles of all sorts are once again growing bold in their advances upon the rest of the world. The Kingdoms of Man have pulled back and fortified their borders against the resurgent scaled ones, but few survive. The Empire of Talimos is the largest of the Kingdoms of Man and has survived thus far by consolidating it’s hold on the southern-most part of the continent.

The Kingdoms of Man have grown and the dragon hordes have once again been sighted by seers and oracles. Elves, once locked in their goddess-guarded woods, have been seen on the borders of the Empire of Talimos and Dwarves have cautiously stepped back into the world. It is a time of uncertainty and adventure.

Where will you go? What will you be remembered for?